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Up Coming Novels and Updates:

Hello Everyone. I just wanted to stop by and give you a little snippet of my upcoming Novel Dreams in the Darkness.. I hope you enjoy. Scroll down to see the book cover if you haven’t checked it out yet.

My blue Volkswagen beetle halted in front of my Royal Street apartment ten before eight, parking in a spot as close to my apartment as possible. I swung the door open and hopped out of my car walking half a block to my residence. The weather was nice that evening, and since rain wasn’t forecast-ed to show up until the next day I decided to wear something that would show off my curves, a little bit of skin, and make my date of that evening, Kyle want to put his hands all over me.My steps slowed as a made it to my apartment door which was slightly ajar. Had the wind blown it open?
Damn it, my gun is inside.
Proceeding with caution and kicking the door slightly with my foot, I moved quietly inside throwing my duffel bag and purse down on the coach. My apartment was quiet, and a distinct smell of rotten flowers lingered in my living room. Something felt off to me. A stark chill ran down my spine and a feeling of dread crept over me; I wasn’t alone. Everything in my apartment was in its’ place, but uncertainty still washed over me. I retrieved my pistol from the drawer and cocked the safety back. My heart rate quickened and breathe deepened as I moved from room to room checking for intruders. The windows creaked in each room as I past. Nearing my bed room door I could see a white thick fog seeping out from underneath the door.
“Whose there?”
There was no response from the bed room. I took a deep breath and kicked the door open with my foot. The thick fog poured out the room, and a dense cloud engulfed me, a hand forcing it’s way down my throat muffling my screams, as another hand reached out for me. I struggled to free myself and ran from the bed room back in to the kitchen. The fog continued to follow me, stopping only when a shadowed figure crossed the living room and snatched me out of the arms protruding from the fog. The figures force, sent me flying across the room into the wall where I hit my head and faded into darkness.
Sometime later I blinked my eyes open. I had no idea how long I had been knocked out. I could feel a knot forming on my head. I sat up surveying my surroundings.
What time was it?
Slightly dizzy and with a parched mouth, I mustered my strength getting to my feet and making my way over to the fridge. My hands were shaky, as I grasped water bottle taking a swig, and then returned it to its place in the fridge. I glanced around the room again, trying to make sense of what I believed had happened.
Was I going crazy? Maybe it was time to move out of this damn apartment.
I was still uncertain about the events that happened earlier. Just before I could give more thought about what I believed I witnessed the clock on my wall began to chime.
Shit… eight forty five, I’m going to be late. Was I really blacked out for forty five minutes?
There was no time to waste. If I didn’t hurry I was going to be late for my date with Kyle.I picked up my IPad turning on some soft music and headed towards the shower. Stripping down to nothing but my naked self, I let the hot water run over my body and shaved my legs, underarms, washed my hair quickly and trimmed my bikini line. I had to make sure everything was in order to receive and give my patient the treatment he deserved. Stepping out of the shower I grabbed my towel and headed to my closet. So many things I had never worn, I was seriously a shopaholic.
Damn…I love shopping on line.
Skimming the rows and rows of dresses I owned I finally came across an off the shoulder white lace dress I had never worn. I pulled it from its place in the closet, holding it up to my damp skin.
“Perfect Guiliana!”
I smiled at my pale reflection in the mirror, before dropping the dress on the bed to cut the tags. I Lotion-ed myself from toe to head. Sprayed some “la vie est belle” on my skin and got dressed. The white dress hugged my body in all of the right places, the straps resting perfectly on my shoulders.I decided not to wear underwear that evening so Kyle could have easier access. I could feel the silk underneath the lace dress running across my buttocks and kitty, I loved going commando. I tossed my red hair with some soft waves, looked one more time in the mirror, and headed out of the bed room grabbing my black and white Jimmy Choo’s.
The lights in my apartment were dimmed for ambiance and the music was timed to play softly for a few hours. The mood had to be set when we arrived back my place. It was only going to be one thing going down that night, and it wasn’t watching TV.
The rain had stopped exposing the stars behind the clouds. The moon was large and full over my head and the weather was quite warm. The streets were starting to become crowded, bustling with people who were also going to dinner, checking out the local shops, and heading towards the bars. Friday nights were always busy in the Quarter. As I headed up Royal street to the street corner to cross towards the Bombay Club, I heard someone following my movements behind me. I proceeded to walk faster, the steps behind me matching mine.I was getting the distinct feeling that I was being followed again.
As I approached Bourbon Street I glanced around through the bustling crowd to see if I noticed anyone behind me, but no one was there. Goosebumps ran up my arms making the hairs stand up. My pace quickened despite the pain I felt on the heels of my feet caused by the rubbing of my Jimmy Choo’s.
“I should have just drove over here.” I mumbled under my breath.
The footsteps clicked again on the pavement behind me. I circled once more and tried to get a glimpse of what was making the noise on the pavement.
Still no one there.
My hands rested in the bed of my purse brushing over the can of mace I carried with me at all times. You never knew who could jump out at you at night on a New Orleans’ street corner. I exhaled, slowing my steps, making it to the front of the Bombay Club. I looked behind me one last time.
Finally… I made it… Still there is no one there.

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