Eleni’s Journey : The Secret That Lies Series

Hello Everyone,

After much work and allot of prayer. I was able to release my first novel in June 2016 of the Secret That Lies Series. A historical romance novel that is available now on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Smash Words and all other sites where novels are sold. You can also order from my publisher Sybella Dawn Publishing.  I also linked the website where you can check out the book trailer and posted the blurb for my book below.

When Eleni’s parents arrange for her to marry a king, they assume she will lead a life fit for a queen. Unfortunately, Eleni soon discovers that beneath her husband’s debonair exterior lies a madman. Desperate to escape her abusive spouse, Eleni flees to the shore where she meets David, the charming and sexy heir to the English throne. Eleni finds comfort, true love, and erotic pleasure in his arms, only to have her cruel husband shatter her newfound hopes and sell her into slavery. Separated by an ocean, Eleni and David must grapple with the twisted betrayal, dark lusts, and shocking murders that have invaded their kingdoms before tragedy destroys their lives forever. Will Eleni ever find happiness again?

Eleni’s Journey Book Trailer

Eleni's Journey

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