Finding Me

The last year has taught me allot about myself, what I will and won’t tolerate and how things can change in a minute. I ask myself all the time when I look in the mirror, what do I see looking back at me? I still find I don’t have all the answers for all of the questions that I have about life. 2020 has been a year of many changes for so many of us. I think all of us have suffered some sort of loss due to the pandemic. If it was losing a family member or a job,business or a home or loss of anything else, I feel like we are really suffering on some level.

I hope that whatever these pandemic leaves you right now. I pray for all of us a human race to find what it is that we are looking for. I pray that we all have the resolve that we need to move past this and perhaps look to getting back to some sort of normalcy. Here is to the rest of the year turning around and not being more stressful then it already is.


August 2020

I know that blogging should really be a part of everyday life and I have to make a promise to myself and my fans that I will do better with everything that has been going on in my life and out in the world. I really thought that coming into 2020 was going to be a great year. But once again it seems as if there have been many road blocks and changes that have continued to spread from 2019.

Covid-19 has done some serious damage around the world. I know I have been affected on a personal and professional basis, and have seen first hand what exactly can happen when a pandemic happens and people lose loved ones and friends. These situations can take such a toll on ones mental status, that one can end up losing themselves in the process.

In my personal life. I have had to walk away from situations, relationships and friendships. I’ve lost more family members then I can count. These situations have changed me profoundly. People who don’t have the experience say that you are supposed to heal faster than what you are ready for. And that you should move on from situations before you are indeed ready to do. I don’t necessarily believe that. I think we as individuals have the right to go through the process just a we are supposed too. I find myself these days just wanting things to be simple. A simple life, a few animals to love on. A few good friends that I can continue to have in my circle that is getting smaller by the day. And a love that can and will always be there and truly accept everything that I am not try to change me or have me pretending to be something that I am not.

My writing goals are the same. Produce good content that people want to experience and read. Make great products that people want to wear and support. Life life and travel. Start another business and make life truly what I want it to be. We are only given this one life, and in a blink things change so quickly. It’s time for all of us to take action on our goals if we haven’t already. It is time for us to strive to make what we want in our life to happen. I don’t want another ten years to go by and for me not to have experienced everything that I want.

I implore all all of you to do the same. That’s all for now!!

Many Blessings

Devin Devonne